Special Valves

Wafer Type Ball Valve

Where space is limited this can be acomodated between two flanges.

Segmented Ball Valve

Quarter turn ball valve having segment of ball in place of complete sphere ball. Lesser weight,unobstructed flow and economical valve can be successfully used in
(1) Powder Handling
(2) Slurry Services
(3) Abrasive Services

Flush Bottom Ball Valve

DRAINAGE IS FAST : Port diameter of the ball is equal to the pipe bore When valve is opened the flow is straight through, full and unobstructed

DRAINAGE IS EASY : The quater-turn open to close feature, it also requires exceptionally low operating torque.

DRAINAGE IS COMPLETE : The ball is located very near to the tank, minimizes space, this prevent sludge and other trapped sediment from accumulating.

Jacketed Ball Valve

Steam Jacketed valve for heating working fluid prevent solidification

Extended Stem For Cryogenic Services

In case of the ball valve installed in the underground pipe/low temperature/cryogenic service or when dealing with extremely high temperature, consideration shall be given to a stem extension in order to protect the valve operator from excessive temperature whether it be lever, gear or power assisted actuator

Top Entry Ball Valve